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The merits of the Okapi
By: Jay Antonic

The okapi.  

Found in the Ituri rainforest of the former Zaire in 1901, it is the last large mammal on the planet to be discovered. Roughly the size of a horse, the okapi has the stripes of a zebra, body of a small giraffe, feet like a sheep, and a tongue like a tapir.  They can maintain alertness on only 5 minutes of sleep in a given 24 hour period.  Their cloven hooves help them walk quietly while their broken hide patterns help camouflage them perfectly in the rainforest foliage.

By definition, the okapi seems like a haphazard breeding experiment or hybrid, when in fact it is a perfect creation suited to the specific ecological niche that it was allotted.  It is perfectly designed to occupy its position in the Ituri wildlife system.  Its very design is a complex solution to an environment with variables that vie daily against its very existence.  Poachers, leopards, and habitat destruction are all working against the okapi, yet it endures.  Were it not to have all of these elements of design, the okapi would cease to exist from predation or starvation.
It is a perfect model of the creative solution.

If you were to create an animal from scratch today, what would it look like?  Would it have wings?  Teeth?  Would its eyes be in front of its skull or on the side, or would it even have eyes at all?  How would it defend itself against illness or predation? How would it breed and survive?  Would it live in a herd or wander alone?

Building a successful internet business is not unlike the okapi.  It requires elements from many different resources to become a success.  Having seamless on-line inventory integrations with actual stock levels, having properly generated meta tags, having non-redundant processes, and enabling the proper bridges between accounting applications and sales applications, for example, are only some of the thousands of variables affecting internet businesses today.

Creating an internet business or presence is like designing an organism to fit perfectly into a niche where it will thrive and ultimately prosper.  All behavior is governed by relationships.  Every business has a relationship to the market, to its employees, to its shareholders, to the environment, and to its consumer base.  We at
can give your business the edge that it needs to create a powerful message in your target market by helping you build a corporate organism that has all the required intrinsic qualities that help it find the path of least resistance in the market.

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The merits of the Okapi
By: Jay Antonic
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