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  • Why do I have to "log in" to enter "stuff"?   Many of our features are open to the public so that you can enter information into our calendar or post discussions on our Forum etc...because of this openness we need to protect everyone from the few bad guys who will put "stuff" on our website that no one wants to see.  Your registration information will go nowhere else, and in fact we only use it if something bad happens.


  • The easiest way to locate what you need when your on the internet is by SEARCHING...we are set up to make searching very convenient. Businesses and non profit organizations can be located 2 fast ways using the Find-A-Business A-Z Yellow Directory above and the keyword search box.

  1. You can click on Business Type "A" for Accountants  

  2. Search for "Accountants" or by company name in the Search Box

  • You can have free advertising for your Church or Civic organization functions by entering them in the same A-Z Directory.


  • We offer FREE Business Listings to promote small local businesses.  Enter your own small business or other businesses that will benefit website visitors.  We do not allow MLM or Network Marketing businesses to have listings.
  • If you are interested in writing articles about something that is your passion or a hobby that might interest other in the area, feel free to contact us and we will publish your writings for all to see or click here to see how-to direct publish articles on


  • GMail is part of our AreaGuides Network..for those of you that do not know anything about GMail it is the very popular email program from Google... We have free GMail accounts...with simple names,,, etc., and of course the huge 7 Gigabyte+ inbox that makes GMail so popular.  You can have the best of both worlds right here ..Simple email address...huge message storage size.. 

    Questions? Contact AreaGuides Customer Service at 1-800-221-8048

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